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In Another Life - Sophia Alexeivana

The porch squeaks as I make my way outside

And sneakily find my way into the nook of your neck

It feels like we’re twentysomethings again

Watching the sunset, just us two

I kiss your cheek knowing you’ll still blush

Even after a decade has gone by

Later That Evening,

Our miniature human is crawling on the floor

Donning my bushy, black eyebrows

Her cheeks sprinkled with your freckles

She is a blend of things I once hated about myself

And everything I’ve always admired about you

That Weekend,

You wake me up with cinnamon raisin toast

Our song playing in the kitchen

A surfboard, car seat, and us three driving to the ocean

You begin to ask about preschools

But I insist on prancing in salt water and sand

For she only has the remainder of our time together

To learn from our love

To try and make sense of it for herself

But In This Life,

We break up and I move to New York City

Years go by and you become an anecdote

Yet I know our love still exists

Because somewhere in Southern California

Your crooked smile is out there

I just wish I could trace it with my fingertips

One Last Time


Sophia Alexeivana is a Californian before anything else. Transfixed by the notions of love, loss, and maturation, she strives to dissect her lived experiences on the page. When she isn't writing poetry on sticky notes, you can find her training for a half marathon and spending time with friends.


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