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I surely deserve it | Ursula Shepherd

A long languid breakfast

pancakes with sausages

blueberries dripping

in honey-rich syrup


oh, I surely deserve it —

luscious black coffee

one rose from the garden

and I


propped up with pillows

­the comics half read

a satin-silk jacket

hugging me warm.


But the sun has come shining

the morning calls out

and you tickle my fancy

just as you are


so I’ll brew the coffee

bring in the news

you’ll fry me an egg

as years run to decades


we’ll sit at the table

sip silence in comfort

then clear up the plates

and rise to the day.


Ursula Shepherd has spent her life writing and often worrying. As an ecologist and biogeographer she has watched the world dry and heat, and species go extinct. She has also delighted in the planet’s beauty and writes in warning and wonder. She is the author of a book, Nature Notes: A Notebook Companion for the Seasons, as well as essays and non-fiction pieces and has recently focused on poetry. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming in, among others, Sheila-Na-Gig, Unbroken, Grim and Gilded, Ekphrastic Review, Passionfruit, and The Orchards.


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