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I Remember the Dinner Parties - Anna Stolley Persky

I remember the invitations,

thick cursive letters charmingly embossed

atop flat pearl cards.

I remember the dinner parties,

cloth napkins folded daintily, poised so,

waiting to be plucked.

I remember the glinting steel knives,

pink salmon forced into naked repose

against stark white plates.

I remember the tinkling champagne,

half-eaten, dripping strawberry, buried

inside your closed fist.


Anna Stolley Persky, a lawyer and award-winning journalist, lives in Northern Virginia. She’s pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at George Mason University. Her fiction has been published in The Write Launch, VOIS, and The Plentitudes Journal. Her poetry has been published in the Sad Girls Club Literary Blog, You Might Need To Hear This, and The Closed Eye Open.


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