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I am sitting on the floor in your kitchen - Rebecca Crager

With your friends and I’m watching you through the doorway while you talk with her on the bed / Does my hair not shine like it did when you took me into the street and swore I was your soulmate Is she prettier than me Do you like her small nose / Does she ask you about your father I break a bottle in my mind on the wall in the hallway between us / I would walk barefoot over the glass I don’t know what’s fair / I don’t want to see you cry, I hope I embarrass you in front of your friends But when it’s too late in the night and I’m too drunk to bring her up and I’m done tracing the grout between the tile / you’ll be humming love songs alone in the bath and it’ll be me warming up in her heat on the bed.


Rebecca Crager (she/her) is a queer and autistic fourth-year creative writing and psychology student at the University of Arizona. Residing in Tucson, AZ, Rebecca is the Editor-in-Chief of EMMA Literary Magazine, and has a forthcoming children's book entitled Skater Girl. She plans to pursue a career in publishing after graduating in May of 2023. Keep up with Rebecca and her writing @rebeccacragerr on Instagram.


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