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His room was bare - Elizabeth (Betty) Blue

His room was bare.

Stark white walls,

an old-fashioned simple dresser, a bed.

My favorite part was his closet.

Carefully hung dress shirts and slacks,

his favorite sweater, slightly worn loafers, wingtips,

a single pair of sneakers.

I used to go exploring while he slept.

I never found any hidden secrets.

No incriminating photos,

just snapshots of his daughter at a birthday party,

at the park.

No pornographic magazines, just albums and albums of baseball cards.

There were no whips or chains hiding under the bed, either,

just a long lost pair of slippers.

The truth is

the only thing that seemed odd or out of place

was me.

I guess he finally realized it, too.


Elizabeth (Betty) Blue is a teacher, DJ and writer currently based in the Bay Area. Her work can be found at and


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