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hands dosed in melatonin - Ellie Wardman

the transcendence commences

as the hands of my heart

pull me closer within,

a mother clutching her newborn baby.

her fingers fighting knots in my hair

like a venus flytrap’s prey

clinging to freedom,

the sting subject

to a snapping turtle’s jaw

as they pull through

and seek refuge on my side.

up and down they stroke,

painting patterns on the walls of my skin,

briefly stopping at times

to look back and admire their work.

dreams softly waiting at the departure gate

as i sink deeper into earth’s crust,

her warm grasp as shielding

as that of a mother penguin upon her eggs.

my eyes now bowling balls

as her fingertips set sail

to be the only boat at sea

on the waves of my left cheek.

brushing across stars

of my facial constellations,

her melatonin dosed hands

cast the spell of the hour

and hypnotically guide me

to sweet, tender tranquility.


Ellie Wardman is a sophomore at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Writing. Her work is set to be published in ‘Outrageous Fortune’ this Spring. Ellie’s goal in life is to work with children and to one day become a published children's book author and editor. She enjoys writing, photography, and reading in her free time.


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