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Grill Smoke - Mary Rose Beeken

We were sitting on the front porch,

Wednesday or Thursday or someday

when the heat made the sidewalk flicker little

oases of light or water as subtle

reminders that this was summer beyond

the sticky press of your fingers into my palm…

And the music playing was goodbye music-

thank you rock band Taylor Swift covers.

And I could taste the smoke from the grill

and hear you hum along as you went

to check on the ribs with a quick

“see you soon” kinda kiss to my cheek,

your voice all hoarse and throaty and

I could tell what part of the song you were at…

“Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone”

And we were alone, thank you May Sundays.

And we are alone now, though the smoke disagrees.


Mary Rose Beeken is a 17-year-old from Lexington, Kentucky who will be attending Smith College as an English major starting the fall of 2022. She has written poetry since a very young age and is excited to share her work.


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