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Green Is My Favorite Color but Brighter Than You’d Think | Savanna Frances Grinspun

every woman wants to own a

bookstore café by the beach


emergency exit


the market saturation of a dream in which

everything is everything


cigarette disposal


and five years isn’t too wide

a gap between sisters.




a whore for suffering


my mom tells me I was born angry

and it’s a relief because


brain rot


shark tooth


it’s not something I grew into,

and it’s a curse for the


indelicate salvation


side wound theology


same stupid reason.


if everything changes name

one thing

name one thing.


Savanna Frances Grinspun is a documentary filmmaker and poet from Tennessee, currently living in Brooklyn. She studied Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and will begin her MFA in Creative Writing at The University of St Andrews in the fall of 2024.


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