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FOR ROSE CLARE - Andrea Hunter

Today I stole pearls from the body of a dead girl.

I can’t be bothered to apologize, so don’t ask why

we stare into each other’s eyes. She doesn’t mind,

that girl. She’s still beautiful.

Listen carefully, you’ll hear her soul.

Uncover your ignorant eyes, and you might

hear it -

a birdsong trapped on pages and in screens.

And then you’ll know

birds don’t sit still for long.

I am a thief. A magpie, feathering my nest.

These pearls will do just fine.


Andrea Hunter is a writer, poet, and consultant currently situated in the suburbs of Chicago. As she makes her glacier-paced migration west, Andrea dreams of writing from her future goat farm in Big Sky Country. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in WOW! Women on Writing Magazine, Ink and Voices, Shady Grove Literary, and various print publications. Find her on Instagram @andrea.hunter3


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