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Everything - Molly Dickin

I didn’t realize how many feelings

Were left unfelt while you were gone

Until I was in your arms again

Smiling into your lips and feeling everything at once

The sunlight on our silhouettes

When you picked me wildflowers

And I forgot I wasn’t supposed to fall for you

The snow wetting my eyes on uneven sidewalks

Church bells ringing and Jesus forgiving us

For decisions made after dark

That we still can’t admit are mistakes

The emptiness of a bed I never sleep in

Because I’m out the door before you fall asleep

Or sometimes a little after you’ve drifted off

Because I need to be held by you

But I’m terrified for you to know

Just how much you mean to me

The guilt that I carry in my body

Heavy silence between us

Both knowing that I can’t give you everything

But I can’t let you go either

Because your hand slips into mine

In a way that makes us forget

The lies we have to tell

For you to be able to hold me on nights like this


Molly Dickin is an author living in Burlington, Vermont. Molly's work has been published in print an online literary magazines and she is also the author of a full length adult poetry book,"I Kissed the Devil in the Pouring Rain."



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