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Eighth Avenue Line - Allie Fehr

The clock hand spins

Rounding the hours

Of another late Manhattan night

Awaiting our subway

Our faces twist inward

Drab air bats against our pinched lips

Smeared with red ignorance

Knocking to ask if we have any breath

And are truly living

Screeches of melting steel

Shake the reeling pillars

Putters of oxfords and pumps

Muffle my imprudence

A frail man gimps up

And turns a palm for change

But I disregard his motion

My eyes enveloped in a watery lapse

Of infinite wind pressed subways

Your dress shirt falls lax

But my pea coat only stiffens

Scraps of our fidelity

Cut in bloom

Crumbled in my pockets

How long will this suffice?

I am nauseous from our conjectures

And the molding grout in between

The quilts of white tile walls

Rotted from musky criticisms silent in the air

This pale heart grows colder in your arms

But when my vowels swell in your mouth

My bones soften

Do your weary eyes say “Luna, I still love you?​ ​”

Blue sags of worry and black pools of promise

Because I do

If only I had some chalk in my pocket

I would rewrite our story into the concrete

Licking matte dust from my hands

Until my stale tongue shrivels up

But the clock hand slides past midnight—

And fairytales can not survive

With rats gambling their lives

On the tracks rattling an incoming

Instead the rails ache

And your skin swelters

Drips from my fingertips

Spilling into puddles that spoil my shoes

Why did I neglect to see?

The frail man begging me for change

Was Hopelessness telling me that

Our subway car teetered and collapsed

At 86th Street Station

With the end beyond our means

A resigned stagnancy impassable

I escape the Eighth Avenue Line

Relinquishing you

And your weary eyes

To watch the railways alone

So I can nestle the glitter in the dark open sky

So I can drink the pulp of the milky moon

So I can kiss the crisp air that teems with rain

In the late Manhattan night that moves

Because all that remains left for me

Is to live in your memories


Allie Fehr is a high school senior from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and Ohio General Federation of Women's Clubs. In the future, Allie hopes to pursue screenwriting.


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