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Egg - Sophia Larson

A cold kind of mercy

Leaving the knife on the table

And chewing

It was that siamese knot in my neck

Or that animal breath in my ears

Or that egg, rampaging through time

That made my metal at home in your warmth

And an abscess out of my heartbeat

That made your blood smell of nyquil

And the volume button a half peeled scab

So there’s an itch to pain

And you can make a home

Out of gaping banisters, and wrinkled ceilings,

And holes where vents should be


Sophia Larson is a sophomore English and Communications double major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She was the Assistant Editor on the book "Young People of the Pandemic," published in fall 2020, which is an anthology of writing from young people across the country about their experiences during the pandemic. Sophia is also Assistant Arts Editor at the UMass Daily Collegian.



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