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Echos of the Past - Jayde Reynolds

Dreams of silver

Echo in your mind

Mirrors turned towards an infinite void

Cactus pricks of joy leave your skin flushed

Memories etched in your heart that come and go

Life flickers like a candle

that can’t be blown out

Grasping an idea so loud but nothing’s there

Confusion overcomes you

A demon stronger than

your angel

Horns hidden in a bed of feathers

melted away by your warm embrace

Breaths so intune

a new wave length is created with you

Eyes closed

you see your reflection

Feelings bring back vivid dreams

Ashes cover a world beneath us

a bird sparks a memory you can’t tell is real

This world we occupy is getting stranger

Truth seeps into you at every turn

unwillingly opening doors with nothing behind them

Knowledge is power and we want it all

Getting lost to the idea

that there’s always more


Jayde Reynolds' writings take you to a place never said aloud; a collection of emotional finger prints, distant memories, and echos of the past. She was born in Utah and now resides in San Diego, where she is trying to make you question reality, accept the world around, and dream of a place that could have been.


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