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Dust - Megan Michelotti

1. So many poems were written for you,

2. about you, but none of them with you.

3. You never even cared enough to read them.

4. I guess that sums up our whole relationship,

5. giving everything of me to make something

6. permanent of you. That’s why I write in secret now,

7. my words a heartbeat only I know, a necessary code.

8. I’ll never leave another poem on your pillow

9. or write a sonnet about a Sunday by your side.

10. My heart is free from your grasp,

11. but it hasn’t told my pen that yet.

12. Someday, I’ll title a book with your name,

13. and it will sit on my shelf.

14. I’ll let it collect dust,

15. just like you did with me.


Megan Michelotti is currently a junior in college studying communications and public relations, although her first love will always be English. She is originally from Montana, a state she is proud to call home. She writes not to change the world but to change her perspective.


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