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Core-Collapse - Emily Ryan

You can not destroy me

Because I’m already imploding in on myself,

Like a dying star lost in space.


And when I do finally erupt,

I will become a black hole which nothing can escape from,

Not even myself,

And it will be the grandest display of self-destruction.

It may sound sad,

but take a seat,

have a smoke, and just you wait,

because it will be so fucking divine,

that you will implode too.

I destroy me.


Emily Ryan is from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a long time writer and editor that now owns and runs an independent business providing literary services at a low rate for new and seasoned writers. She loves writing all types of different pieces, but lately, poetry has become the most intoxicating for her heart and soul. She also uses writing as a coping skill to deal with her depression and anxiety. She's been known to have a loud and in-your-face writing style that at times might be hard to swallow, just like a fine aged Irish whiskey, but very exquisite and very complex.


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