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Colored-In - Natalia Fernandez

Sage walls meet gold hues,

Sunlight awakens the sage forest at my window,

Sage bridal dresses, my gold filigree,

Jade crystals, cracked sage veins,

Walnut-wood dinghy, The Lily painted in sage,

Lazy-stream, duckweed summer, leap into ponds, sage-tinged tea,

John’s sage voice, sleepy love-dizzy eyes match the hue, sad smile, oak-tree thighs, warm arms,

Midday sage-sleeping, only on Sundays, watch him do laundry,

Sage sundress he traces with calloused hands,

Stares at my staring, he only laughs –

Honeycrisp apples are the best;

“No, my love – sweet tango.”

Mack on that candied sage,

Velveted herb,

Tart peach-sage lemonade, mouths stained by blacker, bitter berries,


Burning sage in grandmother’s kitchen, tall windows,

Lace curtains, rosary beads of jade, Mary’s relief carved in sage,

Old books, all-knowing.

Dim room, quiet candles,

Sage glow,

Earthy smells,

Sage sweater I wear on sad days,

Days I imagined death.


Natalia Fernandez is a newly graduated student of creative writing from the University of South Florida. Her poetry has recently appeared in thread, Literary Magazine - an undergraduate journal at the University of South Florida. She is interested in the supernatural, human emotions, nature, and her Puerto Rican heritage, which are all ideas she explores in her writing.



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