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Chloe Benson - The Universe Is a Thespian

The universe is a thespian

Organic machinery in a massive baroque improv masterpiece

An infinite 360 degree opus, a kinetic molecular ballet

An amoebic orchestral algorithm

Of metaphysical acrobatics in motion

An intricate 4D electromagnetic language

ASMR oscillations of beginnings and endings

Birthing and dying, opening and closing

The inhale and exhale of matter interacting

The mathematic aurora of spacetime

Macrocosmic synesthesia

A galactic chess alchemy

With 8 billion pieces

Each atomically hand-carved across millennia

Both audience and actors Embryos in hypnosis

We are clambering for the unnatural

Stasis in an echo chamber

Antichromatic patterns in a colorbomb chemical explosion

Halcyon delusion in the enigmatic minutia

The heartbeat’s pulsing echolocation

For connection

For protection For reprieve

There is no silence

No zenith

No intermission

In the sobering melodic expanse

To deter the beautiful elixir current

Of each calamitous, theatrical embrace.


Hello Mind is the one-girl imaginative wonderworld of Arizona musician, visual artist, and poet Chloe Benson. She can often be found sitting in strange positions on the floor next to a stack of books, scribbled journals and a half-broken synthesizer. Hello Mind builds playfully dark, contemplative dreamscapes out of words, sounds, and images in an attempt to philosophize meaning out of chaos.



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