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blueberries and basil - Jarrett Adamson

I see you in impossible

saturation and at an incredible

distance. I’m a perennial

being holding onto an annual

bloom — you’re perfectly

short lived, came after

me and will leave before

I’m ripe again. Year

after year the edging

never grows easy — roll

the berry clockwise but

be careful not to burst

the blood before they

cluster — sweet and plucked

each day of the summer, we’re

swirled in glasses, baked

and marinated to mush


from our separate greens

and blues. Then you’re gone.

I lay dormant — my

seeds from last fall planned

for this. Now there’s a gray

field in your place and I’ll force

through the surface alone.


Jarrett Adamson is a 24 year old poet living in Brooklyn, NY. They recently received their MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. They hope to publish a book of poems soon.



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