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Bloom - Talia Fish

April tosses and turns in her bed,

tucked into layers of

chrysanthemum covers

and duckling down duvets.

huckleberry hums wrap around sighs —

a small symphony for none.

warm honey tea welcomes never-ending

salt-tears to edge sweetness.

Rain rolls from the jawline,

spilling down the spider-silk mattress,

the walnut frame,

through the peach pit floorboards

and into the thirsty soil.

taken away by a torrential trickle,

the sweet house sinks

into a now muddy foundation.

that pint-sized insomniac gets

coaxed into a chamomile hibernation.

let her rest

after a brief breath,

she May just bloom again.


Talia Fish is a senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Theatre Performance with a minor in Creative Writing. She is from a run-down town about an hour north of Tampa where nothing good or interesting ever happens. She takes solace in her cats and her work, whether it’s rainy writing sessions or low-quality zoom rehearsal calls.


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