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Bad Debt - Sydney MacDonald

I’m hiding in an accounting metaphor.

So here is my internal audit:

I hastily finished the financial statements:

Balance sheet, Income statement, cash flows.

Still, I can’t reconcile the accounts,

But that's because I cooked the books.

Debit the god complex and credit

the imposter syndrome accounts.

Just kidding, credit the god complex

and debit imposter syndrome.

It also appears that most of the revenue is Daddy’s--

And a tip from an underpaid internship.

Net increase in cash was poor this year.

Accounts payable was increased due to ten unpaid parking tickets.

I tried to remediate the accounts.

All my regrets are in the numbers.

I wrote off the sexcapade.

And sent my fulfillment to collections.

Time to shut down.

I’m too tired to pay

So much for such

Little allegory.


Sydney MacDonald graduated from Illinois Wesleyan with a Business Administration and English Writing double major. She currently works as a paralegal and uses poetry as her coping mechanism.


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