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…astray… - Nirvana Margaret

I don’t believe in wishes

and yet

I find myself wishing

I could hear echos of your thoughts

across sunsets

and beneath words spoken for others

I wish you could see me

amongst the hazes between your atmosphere

in ultraviolet color palettes

and I wish you’d find me

in these shadows

within indiscernible heartbeats

and images

contrasting with ghosts

I fear I’m lost

among this mutual realization

of tangible illusion

I wish we could talk

I wish I could figure out

how to be there for you


Nirvana Margaret works as a therapist by day but would not survive without writing, and continues to work towards fusing the two "professions". She has self-published two works of essays and is currently working on several poetry projects. She is an existentialist junkie, rose quartz enthusiast, almost reiki master, and believes Lana Del Rey albums define her life.


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