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Ariana Tucker: Winner of the Spring 2023 Prose Contest

We are delighted to announce and congratulate Ariana Tucker, the writer behind the captivating short story Summer Marmalade, as the winner of the $300 prize for the Sad Girls Club's Spring 2023 Prose Contest. Her prose skillfully weaves together compelling characters and heartfelt emotions, creating a story that resonates deeply with the reader.

Ariana Tucker is a teacher by day and a fiction writer by night. She writes short fiction that seeks to give a voice to those unsure of who they are and the spaces they occupy. Her short story, "Hollow," was the winner of Rowan University's 2020 Edward J. Czwartacki Award for Fiction and Touchstone Magazine's 2021 Debut Prize in Fiction for Emerging Writers.

Summer Marmalade will be available to read on the Sad Girls Club Literary Blog on July 13, 2023.

Calling All Writers

In the spirit of fostering creativity and providing a platform for aspiring writers, we invite all writers, both seasoned and emerging, to submit their work to the upcoming Summer 2023 Prose Contest. This is a remarkable opportunity to showcase your unique voice and storytelling abilities. We accept short stories, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction, and you can find all of the submission guidelines by clicking the link here.

We want to again congratulate Ariana Tucker and all of the writers who submitted work to our Spring Prose Contest. We can't wait to read more work from the Sad Girls Club community!


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