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A Sonnet for a 13-year-old - Alia Clark

I wanna be a bowling ball something

strong that can withstand hit after hit so

my seventh grade self wearing purple

glitter knows that just because we didn’t

follow our five year plan we are still going

to be okay even though we didn’t get

asked to prom in our junior year we

still keep rolling resilient in our stride

determined to convince mom to buy us root

beer popsicles from the grocery store so

something can coat our throat when the

hairspray squeezes our lungs and reminds

us that we can’t breathe in this town

and we are stuck with who we are forever


Alia Clark is an Aries sun, with a Gemini moon, and a Leo rising. She is full of superstitions (all sports related), and has a devout passion for boybands from the 2010's. Alia's writing journey started when she was 5-years-old, and she wrote her very first grocery shopping list: popsicles, bagels, red licorice, etc. Only the best delicacies from all the major food groups. She try's to find humor in the mundane, all while avoiding the slippery slope that is indulging in the sarcastic and passive aggressive Minnesotan tone that is engraved into her DNA. All in all, these small aspects create the overall character that is her: Alia Grace. Welcome to my world.


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