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A Safety Net is Not Always Safe - Sami McCabe

A safety net is not always safe,

Falling back on someone is still a fall,

A bruise can beat and batter you,

Run you thin until you are invisible.

Sometimes I second guess myself,

Beg for second chances as if they mean anything,

It only provides a second opportunity to hurt someone you love,

Or don’t love,

As if love means anything to hurt.

Hurt people, hurt people,

It is an ugly cycle that ruins every kind person,

Once you join the club there is no exit,

Blinded by how good it feels to no longer blame yourself,

You don’t see the lock get put on the door,

Or the “no exit” signs pasted in the hallways.

You cloak your invisibility with other people’s vibrancy,

Hoping that it might rub off on you.

Don’t you know that you are after the wrong thing?

You cannot heal from a band-aid that is placed on someone else,

Using glasses that don’t belong to you will not help you see,

A broken bone can heal, but only if you treat it correctly.

Being alone is better than being surrounded by nobodies,

So, break the window and escape the room,

Find your own glasses and see,

Blame yourself, but then heal with a band-aid meant for you,

When you do, you’ll find that you’re only invisible to people who don’t matter,

The bruise from that fall will heal and so will you,

Maybe second chances don’t mean anything because third chances do.


Sami McCabe is a cat lover and book enthusiast who finds herself frequently writing too in depth about her feelings. She has received a B.A. in English from the University of Georgia.



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