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A Firefighter’s Promise - Michelle Anne

A firefighter’s promise is something I think about almost every day

When the man I love goes off on a call, most certainly into harm’s way

I lay awake worrying and hoping that he stays safe

But I understand these are just the sacrifices he’s willing to make

To fulfill the firefighter’s promise - an oath only the bravest are willing to take

But soon the feeling of worry is replaced by that of pride

Because I have a man of valor right here by my side

This promise has made you into the man you are today

For you know how to care for the woman who loves you, in such a special way

As you head to your next call to save a life

Remember, there’s a woman waiting to hold your hand when times get tough

But the woman herself also makes a promise when her man’s days are rough

A promise to care, love and hold him tight, when words just aren’t enough


Michelle Anne is from Long Island, New York. This is her first published piece of poetry.


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