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A big word for a woman - Ana Neu

My love doesn’t speak,

She’s quiet with the door open.

And breathes when it's not.

My love waits for me,

Like the cross on Sunday’s.

A voice that’s there than not.

My love is unapologizing.

A big word for a woman.

A small one for a girl - i’m not,

Patronizing you.

I just get red when you stub your toe and cry.

Can you tell me again,

That I belong, how I did, to the world?

Eat my dreams in front of me,

Grow up, little girl.


Ana Neu is an Australian writer, law student, poet and content creator who adores all things creative. She's passionate about not only her own stories, but also inspiring and guiding other blooming writers to develop their own compelling plots and exciting characters that reflect what they want to tell to the world. Ana mainly writes literary fiction novellas and some fantasy novels along with original poetry. She is currently querying her novella - known to her audience as project.ghost. Ana is known for her videos on authortube (@ananeu), and her podcast on Spotify (Writing with Ana Neu)! Though she's in law school, her dream is to become a full time author and content creator - a dream career that goes against the world, her family's and sometimes her own expectations. Instagram: @_ananeu.


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