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A 1983 Kind Of Love - Bianca Perez

You whisper mi chiquita loca

in my untamed ear. Your voice

wisps out fresh into the criss -cross

of some Texan back road before us,

bathed in lunar light. Baptism washes down

the dry of my tulip lips, unashamed,

fingers hooked deep. I am gasping in wet

and hushed hymns. The cathedral of my

heart vibrates with a cacophony of “blessed be ”

and “oh, god. I feel you. ” Out from my car’s

speakers, Rosalia sings Y cae la lluvia triste

para mirarte. Detrás de cada gota te mira

un ángel. With one hand, I hold the wheel

steady. You’re so sweet when you do that,

you say and I’m doing that. I’m doing that.


Bianca Alyssa Perez was born and raised in Mission, Texas -- a small town bordering Mexico. She is currently an MFA Poetry candidate at Texas State University. She is the Poetry Editor at Porter House Review. Her poems have been published in The New York Quarterly, Magma Poetry UK , ReclamationATX, East French Press and elsewhere. Her poetry centers on the idea of her Latin culture, family, spirituality, and womanhood. She currently resides in a red cabin in the woods in San Marcos, Texas.


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