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$6.66 - Tori Kezer

And I am so sick

Of being looked at like a

Museum exhibit.

A necklace you got in the gift shop,

Only it cost my soul—not yours.

Probably brag to your friends

That you scored a real crazy one.


This girl is a god damn wreck,

Some serious daddy issues,

She’s got that look in her eyes.”

Love Letters

And you didn’t

Love me like you

Loved me.

Arms wrapped around my neck,

You were hurting too.

I saw stars, and thought they were

The Milky Way.

I thought,

Time wasn’t passing right,

And that my mouth tasted

Like kamikaze shots.

But I screamed out,

And I knew this was

Our dying breath,

And you enveloped me in arms

That were no longer mine,

And we sent the letter to God,

And mourned the



Tori Kezer is a BA student at University of Alaska Fairbanks. She was published in their literary journal, The Icebox in 2019 with her poem, "A Trip to the Moon." Tori uses dark imagery and metaphors to illustrate love and mental illness.



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