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2023 Spring Poetry Contest Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our $500 cash prize Spring Poetry Contest! We had an incredible batch of selections, and choosing the winners was no easy feat. Thank you to everyone who submitted poetry—we loved reading each and every piece!

1st Place - Time is Like Cherry Soup by Grace Downey

  • Publish date: May 25th

2nd Place - revising my father's blood alcohol content by Sarah Leidhold

  • Publish date: May 28th

3rd Place - on margate sands, i can connect with nothing by Lagoon Myers

  • Publish date: May 31st

Congratulations to Grace, Sarah, and Lagoon!

We would also like to acknowledge the following poets whose poems stood out among the 400+ poems we received.

  • Earth Mother Rages Down at Us and Yet We Have No Clue by Kirsten Liang

  • How to Name a Saint by Laura Mulqueen

  • after new york by Julia Sáenz Lorduy

  • Toujours moi by Isaac Escobar

  • about the birds by Finch Greene

  • Nice Girls Say Please by Megan Cartwright

Stay tuned because all poems mentioned in this post will be featured on our blog in in the coming weeks. We are excited to share the incredible work of these poets with you!

We have other contests and projects going on at Sad Girls Club and we would love to read your work! Click here for a full list of opportunities and to submit your writing.


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