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1913 DC Lionesses (Women's Suffrage Procession) - Lisa M Kendrick

Inez Milholland, gladiator style white cape,

eighteen hand andalusian grey mare leads

10,000 feet, the rhythm of fate's loom booms.

Woodrow Wilson shrivels and he speaks shrilly,

ammunition finds the hands of boys on sidewalks,

glass bottles fly shards, words—bitch, cunt, whore—

spear women, blood crimson on fingertips.

Naval academy cadets fists out,

strike women's faces bloom,

police in blue back-step impotent,

spontaneous rehearsal for Civil Rights.

Angry males surge like elephant bulls,

cornered lionesses left to fight through.

Women wage war, 140 years spike rage,

banner poles brandish,

hatpins stave off attacks:

Columbia, Lady Justice, Liberty,

their ivory capes catch wind.


Lisa M. Kendrick lives in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia with her twin daughters. She is an outspoken poet, writing words that will stab open minds She has been teaching and writing high school English curriculum for twenty-five years; publishes a high school literary magazine; records a literature discussion series called LIT in TEN; writes poetry and fantasy; and records literature readings. She has most recently been published in River River, Otherworldly Women Press, Appalachian Heritage, Bacopa Literary Review, Wingless Dreamer, Green Writers Press, and Poets Choice.


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