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12 PM - China Rain

The truth is I’m so lonely,

And the bells on the church ring

Like a telephone,

And I walk the tin can wire between days,

And smell the dirty garbage, and haul myself to work, and then to bed, and

Then to the notebooks, and the kitchen sink,

And the windows,

I just stare out the windows.

And the truth is verging on hilarity,

And the truth is that laughing makes

The channels in my brain all flood,

And I’m so happy when I read a good sentence,

And you’re so sad when you’re not expected.

Sometimes before we fall we just lie down,

And maybe that saves us, or maybe it doesn’t,

Loneliness is a struggle like the inside unrest, and the uncomfortableness,

It’s all about uncomfortableness,

But you’ve got to dance with it and stop shoving it away or it gets all twisted

Like phone calls, and you cross your wires with God or angels,

Or the next door neighbor,

Or your wants and your needs.


China Rain is a 22-year-old creative writing major at UArts in Philadelphia. She writes mostly about the anxiety and uncomfortableness of life and facing it rather than ignoring it. China is also a visual artist and loves hiking!


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