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Trees are green with drought - Nick Vasquez

Dust clings to shoes pleading to be elsewhere.

Still foliage in calm wind and icy water

evaporate from lonely cairns of stone.

Mist hazes the sun-stained sky

the world is as a tomb falsely saturated

with vibrancy of a poorly edited picture.

Detachment fills cold lungs.

Each breath softens shoulders

from sighing stillness, eyes swell

tears glimmering sea troughs.

I am still missing you


Nick Vasquez is a poet and writer living behind the verdant Redwood Curtains of the Pacific Northwest. He has been published in multiple magazines including Toyon Literary Magazine, Write Launch, and Seven Gill Shark Review. When not writing he can be found hiking along the beach, baking fruit pies, powerlifting, and reading. He enjoys all kinds of fiction and poetry, with a penchant for the Romantic, the Existential, and the Magical Realist. His favorite poem is "May" by Karel Hynek Mácha.


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