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The Wound - Maze Orgiyvsky

The wound has teeth, the wound has a voice,

the wound is treatment-resistant, the wound

flakes and peels, the wound sings in the shower

under boiling water, the wound scars over ugly,

the wound hits the pavement, the wound looks

up old hauntedphotos, the wound opens up

and bleeds anew, the wound makes friends,

the wound gets angry and screws over its friends,

the wound is loveless and alone at the top of a

mountain — the natural resting place for monsters

at the end of the street under a flickering light,

under feet of snow miles and miles from home.

Sometimes the wound feels like more of a person

than I am.


Maze Orgiyvsky is a poet and fiction writer. They are from Los Angeles. They currently in their senior year at Smith College, finishing up their Bachelors degree in English with a focus in creative writing.


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