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Singing Waters - Jane Fitzgerald

A weighted sadness

Pulled me under

How far I didn't know

My problems were circling

Like sharks contemplating

a painful bloody kill

Feelings of joy had long ago

floated to the top

Leaving me stranded in the shadows

Slowly sinking to deadly depths

or hopefully rising to living light

No help appears

No life saver, no rope

Faint music drifts downward

Echoing through the waters

The melody was from years past

Before the crushing came

For a moment I am

Captured in a faraway time

Transitory feelings of freedom

Flood my soul

Evoked by rhythms when

Life had unlimited possibilities

Will the carefree song of youth

Raise me up

through shades of enlightenment

to that life giving state

Where a sense of well being

Carried me optimistically on the tides

Or will I helplessly

Descend to dreadful darkness


Jane Fitzgerald is a sensitive and enthusiastic writer who feels compelled to explore feelings about people, nature and time. She studied poetry with David Ignatow at Columbia University where she earned a Master of Arts Degree. Her house is on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis. Jane loves the many facets of life connected to water and it is reflected in much of her poetry.



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