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Rewind - Hayden Robinson

Leaves that flew away from our hands

crumble in my mind like sand.

Smiles and twirls of the curls in your hair

turn dark and grey the longer I stare.

The riverbank where we always trailed along

has now, like you, dried up and gone.

My hand upon your soft, warm chest

reminds me now of bitterness.

The I love yous we murmured each day

has me wishing they will go away.

Can I forget those days? Can I forget our time?

never, because I’m on rewind.


Hayden Robinson is an autistic English writer and poet. His works focus heavily on neurodivergent experiences, finding humanity in a careless world, and overcoming trauma. His works can be found in various publications such as Diverse Verse 3, Poetic Vision, Under the Fable and Mothmaw Anthology. In 2023, he had a short story and an article published in Re-Route Art Magazine, and he had poetry published in Issue 1 of HNDL Magazine. Currently, he is writing two horror novels - one about vampires in Aberystwyth, Wales, and the other about an autistic girl trapped in a house filled with living dolls. He is also writing and updating a Worst Witch fanfiction ‘Hubble-Hallow’ on the website Archive of Our Own and on his social media accounts. He currently resides in Decatur, GA with his wife and two cats.


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