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Lia Nizen - Roots Reborn

Isolation is a lonely hearts best friend—its only solitude.

My heart is lonely,

she spends her time cowering

in the hole of my chest looking

for a safe place to rest.

My heart knows safety isn’t always safe.

She knows my rib cage can turn barbed and become

captor rather than protector.

She knows this because my heart loved once,

loved with full vivacity,

until she found herself in ruination.

My heart knew no enemy,

but now she cowers

under my breasts and attempts

to protect herself from

those who wear their hearts

on their sleeve because

who would be so reckless?

Who would leave their heart so exposed?

My heart knows the danger of hiding.

The danger of exposure.

She is wary of the weakness that comes

when she has been hidden for too long.

Like a flower deprived of oxygen, she will begin to wilt and

find comfort in the ground from which she grew.

My heart knows all beauty will come to an end.

She also knows the most beautiful flowers

are always picked first so she hides

away until every breath brings suffocation.

My heart doesn't want to be picked first.

Only when there is no more air in my lungs

will my heart face the sun.

She will take her place on my sleeve,

and wait for the sun to warm her wilted walls.

She will establish her roots, and she will wait

for love to find her again.


Lia Nizen is an ambitious spoken word poet out of Wilmington, NC. Locally known by their stage name, The Pierian Poet, she is often found hosting and performing at open mic events or teaching her writing workshop, Metanoia. Lia is a full-time student double majoring in psychology and creative writing and works as a part-time substitute teacher. She has work published the 2018 anthology "Upon Arrival: Interlude" and the forthcoming anthology "Best Poets of 2020: Quarantine Edition" by Eber and Wein Publishing. Her work appears in several online literary journals, including "For Women Who Roar," "The Monarch," and "Storm of Blue Press."



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