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iridocyclitis - Naomi Ling


is my tongue when i see her for the first

time / i think, maybe, i’ll feel

butterflies at her touch, but

i feel only

static / slumber / stagnant /

and so i wait

she catches my eye,

i won’t lie,

so i squeeze my eyelashes until

they shed off of

taut cheek, chrysalis to metamorphosis

to butterfly kisses on temples

to wanting

more than i can give,

so i take and take and take

until she takes flight

off of my pinky



Naomi Ling is a Sino-American student writer on the East Coast, USA whose poetry and prose often grapple with identity, nostalgia, and returning to her roots. The founder and EIC of Gossamer Lit, she is also a staff editor for three other journals. Her works have been recognized nationally by the Scholastic Awards and Top Ten Poetry and are forthcoming in Eunoia Review, TYWI, all guts no glory, and elsewhere. She tweets unprofessionally @naomilingwrites.


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