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Here We Lay - Lynn Portillo

We lay here Covered by earth Feel no fear And have no worth.

A peaceful burial Of feverish bouquets Hanging as ceremonial To celebrate past days.

We hear them lay the stone Engraved with a date. The formalities are done As we relish in our fate.

The seasons start their cycle Showing in the wilted grass And dead flowers, unsightly and vile, Reveal our memory will not last.

But here, we remain With friends, despite being strangers Yet we are all the same As we decay into the land further.

Without many visits, Except on a holiday, We start to wonder and forget As we no longer know our names.

Tis’ the season of many flowers And lovely graveside treats While we become thinner As we are greeted with peace.

Becoming one with the land When we move to our last step We now understand Our purpose of life is met.


Lynn Portillo attended University of Nevada, Reno receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in English, with a Literature specialization, along with a minor in Biology. Growing up, books were Lynn's greatest companions – encompassing her mind in animated adventures, besotted bonds, and exhilarating endings – that ignited a love of reading and appreciating a beautifully constructed sentence. Through studying literature, she gained the desire to read as many books as possible, while trying to write herself. She self-published a poetry book, called A Last Breath, on Amazon. Completing this poetry book introduced her to the publishing world, giving her the challenge of self-discipline and learning the processing of publishing. The process was intense but so rewarding and encouraging. It has made her want to continue to practice and learn how to write.


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