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Hazed Value - Dana Rubanowitz

Hazed were the memories of my childhood

But a long time ago

We embodied storytellers in cahoots

Fenced in by blazing hot metallic slides,

spring-loaded horses, and termite-

infested wooden playhouses Skys of

blue clouds of white

where long days turned to delusional nights

the concept of no sleep deteriorated me

as nutty as a fruitcake but here’s an

idea — why worry about the

microscopic when its the

macroscopic that matters

Midpoint, an iconic diamond blue playhouse

A sky-high man, bald as a coot, and a knee-high little girl

LA stereotypical vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and more Kitchen they played eyes of brown veins of red

as mad as a hatter anything’s

possible — why talk about the ants

when there’s an elephant in the


Grains of sand,

Hazed air from the oven. The little

girl pulled out a fresh batch, Sand

pies she called them.

remembering the past

living in the now

all that matters


Dana Rubanowitz is a filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. She is currently a student at CSUN, majoring in Film Production with a double minor in Creative Writing and Theatre Acting/Directing. Growing up, watching the skeleton of the production (both film/television and theatrical) progress, step by step, and seeing it through to the final outcome excites Dana which is the reason why she aspires to become a Film Director.


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