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End of the line - Mackenzie Durkin

I told my mom about it

So that means our friendship

Is officially over

She’ll never forgive you

Even if one day I do

Right now I don’t

And I wish I had said more

Somedays I wish you the best

Others I hope you trip and fall

And that it’s super embarrassing for you

Because all you ever wanted to do

was embarrass me

You pushed my boundaries too far that time

And I won't let your fake ‘im sorry’ cut it

I won't give you that peace

Not this time

You have to live with it

The same way I do.


Mackenzie Durkin is a 21 year old college student currently attending Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She is majoring in English Creative Writing and minoring in literature. Her recent accomplishments include being inducted into the international English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta, and being an editor on the Warren Literary Magazine.


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