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Black Tears - Jennifer Steen

I will never forget that day, I was only five years old The atmosphere was somber, everyone sad and morose I stood in a building that I did not know Surrounded by faces of family and friends I could not fully comprehend I will always remember the black tears that were cried Went on a car ride to a place full of stones As we got out of the car, I knew not where to go I stared at a blue colored box, shiny and long With an American flag adorned on the top As I scanned the faces of everyone around I wondered where you were and why you could not be found As they lowered the box, it hit me just then It was you in there You had broken your promise and were never coming back I screamed and I cried, tried to break free I was going with you since you were never coming home to me As reality set in, I gave up the fight Then my world went dark Just like my light


Jennifer Steen is a poet, writer and a traveler. She loves to read, cook, and snap photos of anything that catches her eye.



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