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Amber Bryant - SHE

She was my best friend

She was so beautiful and full of kindness and grace

She taught me about love, life, and friendship

She loved me unconditionally and with everything inside her

She comforted me when I cried

She fought hard in the end, but it just was not enough

The cancer took over her body and she could not fight anymore

Making the choice to end her suffering was the hardest decision I ever had to make

But I owed her the love and care in return for all the love she had given to me

I wanted to be selfish and keep her with me if I could

I didn’t want to let her go

But it was time. So, I held her while she took her last breath

I comfort her in the end as we said goodbye

My sweet, sweet girl, my best friend, my world.

One day I will see you again

You are no longer in any pain

You are now my angel walking beside me

I will never forget her

She was my everything


Amber Bryant is the founder and CEO of Rising Hanger based in Amarillo, Texas. By day, you can find her working hard fulfilling orders, adding listings to her online store, or shipping packages to customers. By night, she is typically walking her dog or reading a good book. Follow along on her journey at


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