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24hr Response - Blog Submissions & Feedback

Submitting to this project provides you with the opportunity to have your work published on the Sad Girls Club Literary Blog. We will respond to your submission within 24 hours and include brief feedback (2-3 sentences).

We warmly welcome you to submit your writing and allow us to be inspired by your work. Our platform serves as a venue for emerging and established writers to exhibit their talent and strengthen their credentials!

We review submissions on an ongoing basis, and accepted pieces will be published on our Blog.

Please submit your work and adhere to the following guidelines:  

  • Poetry- Up to 2 poems under 30 lines each

  • Flash Fiction- Up to 2 stories under 1000 words each

  • Short Story- Submit 1 story under 2500 words

  • Creative Non Fiction- Submit 1 piece under 2500 words

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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